Mount Vernon

This charming town is split by the Skagit river, laying  just South of Burlington and is also home base for us here at the Pettruzzelli Team. Mount Vernon boasts a plethora of shopping and sightseeing experiences, with an exiting downtown atmosphere parallel with the river. Downtown itself is packed with unique local businesses, ranging from delicious dining experiences to elegant boutiques and believe us when we say “There is quite the variety to pick from.” No matter what it is you like to do on a Sunday afternoon or even a Friday night, Mount Vernon has you covered.

Mount Vernon is a growing and diverse community, with a growth rate of roughly 1,000 people in population per year for the past 5 years. It’s ability to thrive is definitely attributed to this growth and if you’re looking to get into a new investment property or wanting to stake out your corner of a lucrative business community this, big-little, town on the river might just be the place for you.        

La Conner

This charming little town on the Swinomish Channel feels like a blast from the past with a new kind of nostalgia turning every corner. This aesthetic goes hand in hand with the the strong nautical presence that has been deeply rooted in La Conners rich history. Down town is home to a copious amount of antique shops and unique restaurants which come to life on beautiful sunny days. The main street running through downtown services two prominent harbors, however just on the other side of the channel is a massive harbor called Shelter Bay which is home to a beautiful residential community spread out over it’s shore line. La Conner is full of pretty sights, tranquil sounds and the fresh smells of the ocean flowing through the channel. With a classic feeling yet incredibly energetic atmosphere this community will have you coming back year after year.

If you’re a fan a of places that offer more than corporate variety and rather prefer rich culture and unique dining and shopping opportunities you just might find that La Conner is the place for you. The old yet well maintained buildings that are ubiquitous here provides an aesthetic that is reminiscent of a Mississippi River town and gives a unique warm feeling to all who visit. Many of the homes here have this same aesthetic and are just as well maintained. If an older home isn’t your speed La Conner has many options for home buyers with a more contemporary pallet, from condos spread out on the channels banks to giant sprawling new builds in the Shelter Bay community La Conner has it all.                              


Another booming town for industry, Burlington lies just north of Mount Vernon and rest right atop the bending Skagit river. With a thriving business community, this little town is a one stop shop for anyone looking to to go on a shopping spree. But don’t let the growing number of store fronts fool you Burlington is home to many exciting recreational activities such as the Skagit Golf & Country Club or movies gallor with the AMC theater at the Cascade mall. No matter how you look at it, Burlington a shopping destination growing every year in both visiter popularity and population.

If you’re looking to start up a new business, trying to find a convenient location for a new home that’s close essential shopping or even a new place to golf to your heart’s content; Burlington might just be for you. It seems like the the Skagit river has an effect on growing strong business oriented communities because towns dotting it’s banks can’t help but succeed in today’s ever changing community.  


With a population of roughly 16,000 Anacortes sits on the water at the tip of fidalgo island overlooking Rosario straight and the beautiful San Juan Islands. A popular destination for any seafaring travelers and tourists alike this town has just about everything for the want-to-be islander in all of us. Unique shops, restaurants and bed & breakfasts litter the waterfront. If you’re not much of a shopper there are plenty of state parks and recreational activities to explore and if the land isn’t doing it for the water surly will. It’s not often you find such a tight niched community offer so much variety and acceptance but this little city on the sea has it down to a science.

If you have been searching for a community that feels private yet involved, beautiful and out of the way or even something with a little slower pace so you can take in the sights around you in your day to day Anacortes might be just what you’re looking for. With the ocean and the San Juan’s on all sides this community is a one stop shop for lovers of beautiful sights, local businesses and community involvement. There are over 6,500 homes in Anacortes and with a little help and know how one of them could be yours.     

Sedro Woolley

Sedro Woolley is just north of burlington and mount Vernon and borders the Skagit river. This little town is surrounded by nature giving it a quaint tucked away feeling differing it greatly from it bigger brothers Burlington and Mount Vernon. The lush neighborhoods surrounding the almost wild west like down town are filled with diverse living options and a multitude of out door activities to explore. Sedro Woolley is by far a must visit for the slow paced living enthusiasts and for those who enjoy their time out doors.       


Stanwood is a staple in the Skagit area. Home to Lake Ketchum means that it is responsible for another amazing lakeside community, hidden away outside of the bustle of nearby towns. Stanwood’s historical downtown has a very vintage and almost “Clint Eastwood” western vibe. For those who appreciate the aesthetics matching this description will surely be pleased by all it has to offer.