Anacortes Living

Similk Beach

Similk beach is an adorable community on the bay, with waterfront views and spread out property’s. This little neighborhood on the shore has a tranquil yet approachable atmosphere. 

dewey beach

With higher end homes and more spread out properties this  beautiful community is  just west of Similk Bay. If you are the type  of person who wants a little peace with their quiet you may just find a home on Dewey Beach.

campbell lake

Cambell lake boasts a wide range of homes dotting its shores, from more affordable water front properties to extravagant pricey dwellings this lake has it all. For the lovers of water sports and boating the easy access boat launch is never more than a ten minute drive away.

Old town

Right next to historic Anacortes, this community is a hub for activity and culture. Though it does boast deep roots in the Anacortes the mix of new and old developments really brings this neighborhood to life . Surrounded by two shorses this community could be considered one of the corners of anacortes and has many properties to choose from.


Tucked away this little community on the shore and inland hillside is a quant and breathtaking location with new developments coming in every year soon it will be a thriving center for new homeowners and people with a taste for easy and stress free living. One drive through this neighborhood may just turn into a drive from and to work every day and take it from me, it’s a beautiful commute.

Cap sante

This has got to be one of the most unique communities we’ve showcased, starting at the base of the Cap Sante Park bluff it’s spreads upwords almost to the top of the giant rock overlooking Anacortes. With diverse architecture this community is highly sought after and well worth a visit if not for the homes maybe the beautiful views.

Beale's grove

This suburban community has a vast assortment of homes, many coming on the market every year and with a close proximity to the booming downtown Anacortes lifestyle it’s hard to compete with this neighborhood. This perfect little sanctuary for building a family is safe, easily navigable and has an assortment of public parks to choose from.


This is a similar community to Beale’s Grove only much different in regard to the architecture of the homes residing within its limits. Boasting a much more upscale theme this neighborhood has modern townhomes, older sprawling Villas and upscale “American Dream” style properties. Driving through the streets breaking up it’s properties is quite the treat and well worth the venture.   

Fidalgo bay

This lush bayside community runs parallel with highway 20 coming into anacortes. The view of Fidalgo overshadows the busyness of the road dividing the neighborhoods, with trees keeping the traffic from view. The outskirts of Anacortes never fail to amaze.

Whistle lake

Though this community seems detached from the hustle and bustle of Anacortes Whistle Lake ties the neghorhood to many other surrounding communities with it’s park and water activities. People from all around come to swim and relax in the sun. The community itself is rural in nature with spread out properties and barns speckling the acreage. This community is perfect for those looking for peace and quiet but not to the point where shopping is more than 20 min away.


This very private middle upscale community breaths nautical esthetic while simultaneously taking that breath away with beautiful views of the surrounding waters. Architecture here all seems to pull you to the ocean, high ceilings, huge windows, wrap around decks and skylights are ubiquitous here. This place brings out the sailor in all of us.

South City

This dense yet lovely neighborhood has no shortage of homes being one of the larger communities in Anacortes. Living here you’re never too far away from anything with paks around every corner and down town shopping just a hop skip and a leap away.

Biz Point

For a place named Biz point it certainly isn’t busy. With breathtaking views and beautiful architecture Biz point is a place of leisure and relaxation. If this seems like your cup of tea, visit this community next time you’re home shopping.


This community is deep rooted in the hills above Anacortes, the neighborhoods here are saturated in peaceful atmosphere and kind people. As for the architexture this area is mid to high range and is definitely well maintained, this plus the added bonus of gorgeous views of the surrounding areas it’s hard to pass up Clearidge as a potential location for the average home buyer looking in Anacortes.

cranberry heights

This is a big one, Cranberry Heights is one of the bigger locations in Anacortes for potential homeowners. The Home here are all over the board in availability and expensiveness, because of this you will find some of the most gorgeous constructions in the area. This community is definitely worth a visit.

Del Mar

Secluded and beautiful this community is one of the most unique in the surrounding area with stylish homes to match. If the properties don’t grab you the views of the bay will, this place is reminiscent of Biz Point only more wooded.

Island view

Island View is a bit of a mix with housing yet it is also one of the more “homey” neighborhoods we’ve found in Anacortes. With long stretches of road and off streets ending in cul-de-sacs it’s hard to pinpoint it to a certain area considering it’s so spread out. This community will typically be on the lower to mid range in housing.

Marine Heights

This is probably this most expensive community you’ll find in Anacortes. This place consists of beautiful sprawling homes that seem as if it would take you an entire day just to explore. If you’re looking for your dream home look no further and if you’re not ready for your dream home stop by Marine Heights anyway for some inspiration.

Park View

The urban style of this neighborhood paired with its rural location is perfect for those who have come to adopt the in-town lifestyle but grown tired of the sound of all the hustle. Feel free to stretch out and enjoy all of its breathable space.