La Conner Living


Are you fan of classic harbortown architecture or maybe just the the sound of the wakes hitting the shore line passerby water faring vessels? If so you may want to take a peek inside one of skagit counties hidden treasures, La Conners Historic District. With shop fronts lining both sides of the main waterfront street this community is special, people come far and wide to enjoy the beautiful esthetics and feeling that are conjured up during the downtown experience.

Shelter Bay

Have a boat? Want a boat? Want to live about a 5 minute walk away from said real/theatrical vessel? Maybe you just want a dense and exciting harbor town living, In Shelter Bay there are more dock spots than driveways and with a golf course lining the northern shore of the bay this place has everything for the seafaring spirit. The mix of architectures in this community outweigh any others we’ve seen in Skagit County resulting in an incredibly diverse atmosphere. 

Skagit Bay

Skagit Bay is a laid back little community on the west most shore of La Conner’s city limits. With breathtaking views of the ocean and surrounding islands this place feels like home even to those visiting. Not to mention the homes here are some of the most gorgeous we’ve seen in the area.

Hope Island

While not actually being on the island the community is named after this neighborhood feels like a more private extension of Skagit Bay, with the homes with in it surrounded by trees and the ocean. This would be the perfect destination for someone seeking private living with open views of the ocean.


Directly east of the Hope Island community this community is very similar to it, with a very  residential and spread out atmosphere this community is saturated in woods. Not only is it secluded but it’s also very open in housing options with low, mid and high ranged homes.