Mount vernon Living

Skagit Highlands

Skagit highlands is a beautiful suburban community nestled just east of mount Vernon. Surrounded by nature this residential area feels far from the hustle and bustle of the down town lifestyle but geographically is still very close.

Monte Vista

Tucked away beneath skagit highlands this community boasts a wide range of properties and is almost stair stepped into the hill side. The Monte Vista neighborhood has a friendly and involved feel to it and could be the perfect place for someone looking to join a well established community.

Hilltop Haven

Hilltop Haven is a charming sub urban community with a diverse selection of homes. Though this neighborhood is sub urban every property seems to be  a pace of its own, its a very private and unique community and never    


Almost one with the golf course next to it Eaglemont combines beautiful sights of the mountains with a unique and picturesque assortment of homes.  This family friendly neighborhood boasts a wide rang of activities, take your kids to the park, ride your bike on one of the many trails surrounding the community or even kick back and hit some golf balls with your friends. Eaglemont if the perfect place for the homeowner who enjoys a balance between fun and leisure.  

Nookachamp Hills

Nookachamp Hills is a gorgeous neighborhood that lies parallel to big lake. The hill itself feels grand enough as it is, but the incredible homes speckling the hilltop really make this community shine. Just a 15 minute walk from Big Lake this neighborhood is a must for water lovers and boaters alike. If you love breathtaking valley views and a quite yet exciting lifestyle Nookachamp Hills has a pretty dang good chance of being the perfect place for you.    

Big lake

Big Lake is one of Mount Vernon’s largest attractions. It’s the perfect place to take the jet skis out for a ride, while simultaneously being a tranquil and soothing atmosphere  at night. With beautiful sprawling homes specling it’s shores this community asks the question “why take a trip to the lake when it can be in your backyard?”


A smaller more private version of big lake, breathtaking water front views will have you in awe. Cherry blossom trees dot the water sides mixed with other beautiful foliage. This is a one stop shop for someone looking for a private and peaceful lifestyle.  

LAKE Cavanaugh

This little known community boasts an exclusive and vacation esc feeling. The extensive surrounding forests create a private and quaint feeling. This vacation home and full time living destination has everything you could ask for and so much more.


ight next to the Skagit River, this community provides a great suburban feel with its close access to downtown as well as the local schools.Well built homes are around every corner and are  the keystone for this thriving community.

West Mount Vernon

West Mount Vernon is home to beautiful farm lands and an equally beautiful living community for folks with a taste for the countryside. Boasting a wide variety of outdoor activities to choose from communities like these rarely are so close to downtown shopping.


This suburban community is almost its own little town. Still being developed it may just be the perfect place to plant your feet. With this small community you can be  a part of the growth and prosperity of your neighborhood.

Maddox Creek

Maddox Creek is a beautiful hilltop haven for the ones moving up in the world. Gorgeous homes dot the winding roads leading up to the center of the community, with neighbors like these success is just around the corners.  


This family friendly neighborhood is perfect for the outdoor activity enthusiasts. With a large park to the South West named after the community itself  this community is full of places out of the home for both your physical and mental health. If you’re looking for mid range living with easy access to outdoor activities look no further than Hillcrest Mount Vernon.  

Clear Lake

Just north of Mount Vernon Clear Lake is a beautiful community with incredibly unique home builds doting its shores. If you’re a fan of fishing the boat launch on it’s northern bank will be a popular destination for you if you end up buying a home here. The scenery here will blow you away, it’s unlike anything you’ll see in the area almost reminiscent of a a mississippi bayou.   

blackburn ridge

A mix of the old and the new this neighborhood breaths progression and growth, just east of Hillcrest, Blackburn Ridge holds similar amenities and spacious living. Unlike Hillcrest this community has a much more sub urban feel without sacrificing it’s personality. Give BlackBurn a visit next time you’re in town and see for yourself!   


This spread out community is saturated in woods with trees turning every corner. With a supportive and active community of neighbors and recreational activities it’s hard to find a more comforting place in the the Skagit Valley and that’s saying a lot.


Just East of Mount Vernon Park Ridge is one of the bigger communities in city limits, mid range housing in a suburban atmosphere really brings the community together with a very neighborly feel. With plenty of parks and a couple grocery stores around the area there is plenty to do and it may be just the right home for you.

Little mountain

Resting on the edges of mountains woods this community rests right where Blackburn road and little Mountain road bisect. This neighborhood provides great views of the valley and has a very upscale spread out range in properties.


Just below Little Mountain overlook and surrounded in woods rests skyridge, a small residential community.The properties here are incredible and the neighborhood has some of the nicest homes in Mount Vernon, this place should be at the top of your shopping list.


Downtown Mount Vernon is a staple of the skagit Valley overarching community and is a sort of melting pot for the surrounding culture. With so many shops and places to visit downtown truly is a treat for any and all visitors. That being said this community isn’t just for travelers, the supportive and welcoming atmosphere is something that turns visitors into residence with a copious amount of surrounding residential communities to choose from.