Sedro Woolley Living


This classic small town is an ode to the long since past logging industry with a beautiful surrounding community still saturated in an industry based Job market. With exciting outdoor activities and an equally active nightlife, living near downtown is the perfect grey area between social venue experiences and peace of mind surrounded by nature.  For a place that seems so removed from the rat race it has a very involved community feeling, this place might be just for you.

Janicki Cove

Rural and private, janicki Cove is nestled on the skagit river and is a very affordable market. With the river in your front yard properties here can be very desirable to the right buyer. Still very close to downtown Sedro Woolley this little community boasts the best of both worlds..

brickyard creek

Just north of downtown Sedro Woolley this one of the more suburban communities in the area. With a diverse range of houses and an even more diverse selection of vegetation surrounding it, Brickyard Creek is the heart of a beautiful multi colored tree grove. It’s hard to beat a community like this especially when it’s so close to downtown Sedro Woolley.



The very definition of rural, Minkler is a beautiful detached community outside of Sedro. Boasting large lot sizes and multi purpose land, this corner of town may just be for you.

Rolling ridge

This community is located just between Sedro and Burlington and has some of the nicest properties in Sedro Woolley’s limits. With a very involved neighborhood feeling Rolling Ridge boasts a very family friendly atmosphere and beautiful scenery around every border. Oh and not to mention its close proximity to I-5!     

Bacus hill

Day creek

Duke's Hill

Eagle Valley