Stanwood Living

Lake Kethcum

Lake Ketchum is a little slice of heaven and the residence there would agree with that statement. This tucked away pond of a lake breaths peace and quiet and with a  beautiful surrounding community it’s hard to find any flaws tucked between it’s wooded shores.

Pioneer Hills

This community Is spread out on the hill overlooking heritage park and runs parallel to Pioneer highway and the lower farmland like the bank of a river. The sights of the country you’ll find here are second to none and the homes built here aren’t so shabby either.

Fox Hill

Fox Hill Estates is reminiscent on the Church Creek and Cedar Home communities but with a few substantial differences. This community feels spread out though it isn’t at all, the homes here are tucked between winding streets that are tucked away between thick foliage; it’s truly a private place. The homes here are mixed in architecture but most are very nice in their own regard and by bordering the scenic drive south too farmlands it’s quite out of the way of most daily traffic.

warm beach

The first community in stanwood that I can adequately say is on the ocean though all of them are somewhat close to the shore. This place feels and smells like a shoreline community with beachfront properties, docks and incredible. When the sun is out and the neighborhood is out and about it’s hard to leave.

Kayak Point

This community is in every sense of the word exclusive, with big homes and a giant sprawling golf course no more than a two minute drive from it’s furthest corner Kayak Point is well worth the trip even if you don’t live in the area.    

Lake goodwin

Last but certainly not least, this lake is the love child between Kayak Point and Lake Ketchum with docks jutting from almost every shoreline property and many prospering neighborhoods dotting it’s shores. This is a must visit when starting your home search in Stanwood.